My Favorite Looks for the Holiday Season

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! David and I spent Halloween, buying Christmas treats, and putting up our decorations. Like we don’t have words for how much we enjoy the Christmas season. It’s not only my favorite time of year, it’s my favorite season to dress for. As a child, my parents had to try to convince me that sequins weren’t acceptable everyday-clothing. I’ve always told people that my favorite color was glitter. So naturally, I’m excited to talk about my favorite clothes, for the most sparkly time of year.


Sequins are a tricky trendy – you’re one bad choice away from looking like a disco ball, or a Donna Summer music video. I prefer sequins as an accent piece, like a blazer, or subtly woven into a sweater. I love this piece, this one, and this one.


I LOVE ALL LEATHER. Gimme all the jackets, leggings, skirts, gloves – I’ll take it all. My favorites are here, here, here, here, and here.


I was wearing velvet way before it made a comeback. Maybe it’s because my favorite movie is ‘Drive Me Crazy’, and I consider myself the romantic heroine of my own 90s movie. I love this piece, this one, and this one.


Is there anything that’ll make you feel more extra, and fantastic than (faux) fur? I mean, extra for a rap video, reporting for duty. I love this one, this one, this piece, and this piece.

So go ahead, make some bold fashion choices this holiday season – if Britney can pull of all red spandex, you can rock that velvet blazer.