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Our Favorite WDW Hotels At Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year anywhere — I love decorations, tinsel, tree, garlands, and twinkle lights. David and I are those people that put up our decor the day after Halloween, and leave them up long after the holidays have passed. We like to think of ourselves as a bizarro mix between Buddy the Elf and Cindy Loo Who when it comes to all things Christmas. So it’s no surprise that our favorite time to visit Walt Disney World is the Holidays — between the extra shows, and the decorations, it truly is the most magical time of year to be at the parks. That Holiday magic isn’t just contained in the parks though, some of the most beautiful decorations are in the lobbies of Disney’s deluxe resorts. For your convenience and reading pleasure (at least we hope!), we have complied a list of our favorite WDW resorts at Christmas.

walt disney world hotels

disney world hotels

5) Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Coming in last place on our list this year (mainly because they got rid of their Mickey Mouse wreath!), the Contemporary always has a multiple story modern twist on a gingerbread house. This year it has a Frozen motif, with Elsa, Olaf, and all their friends. The Christmas tree at the Contemporary is not inside the lobby, like most Deluxe resorts, but outside the hotel.

disney world hotels

walt disney world resort hotels

4) Disney’s Beach & Yacht Club.
The Beach Club is well known for it’s chocolate carousel, which is both charming and whimsical, and well worth the time to check out. The Yacht Club’s decorations are lesser known, but just as charming, with their train display and nautical themed tree.

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3) Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.
The Boardwalk Inn has a fireplace, a gingerbread house flanked with multiple tree, and an overall inviting feel to it. Grab a cup of hot cocoa from the Boardwalk Bakery and sit by the fire enjoying the decorations.

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2) Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel & Spa.
There’s a two story Christmas tree in the lobby, and a huge gingerbread house that sells gingerbread and cupcakes. Plus, the overall vibe of The Grand Floridian is very fitting for the Holiday season, and evokes feelings of coziness and warmth.

walt disney world hotels

walt disney world christmas

1) Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.
In our humble opinion, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge takes the proverbial cake for it’s Christmas decorations. Is there anything that feels more like the Holidays than a rustic national park lodge? This hotel also has a multiple story Christmas tree towering in the lobby, which is one of the most beautiful in the parks.

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Take some time this Holiday season to explore Disney’s beautiful resorts, and the gorgeous decorations that they take the time to put up. Take our suggestions, or explore on your own!