1 Day Itinerary for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the perfect park to do in one day. In fact, it’s a perfect side trip from Paris, which is a trip that everyone should take in their lives. Any Disneyland fan would love to take a trip to a foreign Disney Park, and any fan of great cities, and great cuisine, would love a trip to Paris, so the two seem to fit hand in hand. Today, we’re putting together our one day itinerary for Disneyland Paris, so you can knock the whole park out in one day.

-If you want to accomplish everything, we always recommend getting to the park when it opens. Disneyland Paris has some wildly varying operating hours, depending on the season, so make sure you look it up before you go! They also have different prices depending on the time of year, so make sure to look up ticket prices before you go.

-If you’re going to do both parks in one day, start at Disney Studios, so that you can go straight to the Ratatouille mini-land. Honestly, this is the only park of the Studios that we recommend doing – everything else is SUPER skippable. The Ratatouille mini-land is fantastic though, and a park hopper isn’t much of an upcharge, so you might as well.

-After Ratatouille, head to Disneyland Paris, to get your first view of Disney’s most beautiful castle.

-After you get your fill of Main Street views, head to Phantom Manor. Phantom Manor is Disneyland Paris’s version of The Haunted Mansion, with a much scarier overtone, and wild west theme.

-After Phantom Manor, head to Pirates of the Caribbean (we love the DLP version!), and Big Thunder Mountain!)

-We love Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – it’s really just a maze that heads to a observation point that has some of the most beautiful views of the castle and Fantasyland you’ll find. The views are stunning though, and worth seeing.

-If you got a park hopper, we recommend heading back to the Studios for lunch. Disneyland Paris is kind of a dining wasteland, but Bistro Chez Remy is a SUPER fun experience, especially for anyone that loves Ratatouille.

-Spend the afternoon exploring the nooks and crannies of the park (like the dragon under the castle!). Take in the details. The park is BEAUTIFUL, and one of those places that should just be explored.

-We enjoy heading for a caffeine pick me up at Cafe Fantasia in the afternoon – they have Tinkerbell cappuccinos!

-Make sure to experience Tomorrowland and Space Mountain: Mission 2 – this particular ride was a one and done for me. It’s INCREDIBLY rough – like, I thought about facetiming my chiropractor after riding it to see if they could adjust me over the phone.

-Make sure to see Disney Illuminations, Disneyland Paris’s newest nighttime show. This is a mixed media show of fountains, lasers, projections, and more.

You’ll have a blast at Disneyland Paris – it truly is a great day trip for any European vacation.