New Year, New Hair Resolutions

I talk about Cinderella Hair Extensions A LOT, and for a good reason. It’s by far my favorite beauty product I’ve ever used, that I feel like not only makes the biggest impact on overall appearance, but also makes my life so much easier.

Today, I’m answering a few questions I’ve gotten about Cinderella Hair Extensions:

Q: Do they damage your hair?

A: NO! It’s important to find a reputable stylist with experience to install them, but of all the extensions I’ve used, I’ve found that Cinderella Hair Extensions do the least amount of damage. If anything, my hair is healthier because I’m not using heat as often, or coloring it as much.

Q: Are they hard to maintain?

A: They’re honestly easier than my real hair to maintain. What’s important is making sure that you’re scheduling regular appointments to get them moved up, and to sleep with your hair in a loose brand, to help prevent tangles.

Q: Can you use them for volume instead of length?

A: I primarily use them for volume. My hair will grow long, but it’s VERY fine and thin. Cinderella Hair Extensions fixes that!

Q:Are they expensive?

A: They’re an investment, but I’ve honestly found them to be on the lower cost of beauty products, when compared to the results they give. Regular eyelash extensions, highlights, etc are very cost comparable, and don’t yield the same results.