Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

WE LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. There’s really just no other time of year like it. I almost get sad on Christmas day, because it means all my traditions are over, and that we have to wait a WHOLE year, until it’s Christmas again. We got engaged at Christmas, we always travel at Christmas, and we have so many Christmas traditions that we love. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite things we do this time of year.

I’m an unashamed fan of The OC, and seven years ago, after mentioning Chrismakkuh to David, we started incorporating it into part of our Holidays. We plan eight days of Christmas gifts, surprises, and dates for each other, followed by Christmas morning, which is normally just stockings.

-Holiday Lights
One of our favorite parts of living in the same place for so long, is that we have favorite neighborhoods that we go to look at Christmas lights every year. We go to Starbucks, get hot cocoa, and go look at elaborate light displays.

-A Christmas Carol
Dallas does an amazing production of A Christmas Carol every year. When I was in middle school, my best friends family would take me every year, and seven years ago, David and I started going together every year. I love the show, and how powerful the message is. This musical adaptation feels more prevalent, and relevant than ever. We saw it this past weekend, and I cried like a child (no shame). I think that the message that the common good of mankind is everyone’s business, and it’s never too late to change your priorities in life, is especially important this time of year.

-Take-Out and Fancy Plates
Every Christmas Eve, after church, David and I hide away from the world, with a plethora of take out. We get burgers and Chinese food, and eat it on our best china plates, with our favorite red wine.

No Christmas season is complete without a trip to Disney for us. NOBODY DOES CHRISTMAS LIKE DISNEY. The parks are beyond magical, and really feel like the holidays.

-Brunch and Shopping
We always do a Christmas brunch, either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve, then we head to the malls to see all the local decor.

-Holiday TV and Decorating
You know what’s better than Christmas movies? Christmas TV. I love Christmas episodes of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls. We always watch while we decorate for Christmas.

-Christmas Eve Service
It doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve unless we go to church. It’s our most important and favorite Christmas tradition.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions that you have to do every year?