Is It Worth It To Stay Deluxe At WDW?

Do you live to roll like Kanye? Was the song royals basically written about you? Is Blair Waldorf basically your spirit animal? If so, you should pretty much stop reading this blog, because it probably doesn’t apply to you. Today, we’re talking about the pros and cons of staying at a Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World, and if you have a Richie Rich sized trust fund, you probably roll Deluxe or nothing, and don’t need what we’re getting ready to say.



With the exception of The Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Deluxe Resorts have some of the best real estate on property, with most of them having access to something that will make your life easier (like a monorail, boat, or walking distance to a park).


These are the big-daddy supreme of Disney imagineering when it comes to resorts. Wanna stay at a big game savannah lodge without paying for airfare to Africa? You can do that. Want the grandeur of a Yosemite style lodge? You got it. Want the fun and whimsy of a tiki styled Polynesian resort? Check that.

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Want to stretch out? These are the biggest rooms, and recent remodels are making them even more efficient for families, with pull down beds in the walls for a 5th sleeper. (Note, now moderate resorts are having this too, but you’ll lose the square footage).


Deluxe resorts have some of the best dining not just at the resorts, but at WDW in general. If dining is a big deal to you (and it should be), consider staying at a Deluxe).



GUYS – you’re gonna shell out a pretty penny. Like, kiss your retirement fund goodbye, sell a kidney on the black market kind of pretty penny. At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it – I would rather keep my kidneys.

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Other options:

There are so many other options that you have for accommodations at WDW (and off property as well!), do you really want to spend upwards of $600 a night for a room?


Buy it:

If you’re gonna vacation at Disney long term (the place is vacation crack) we suggest buying into The Disney Vacation Club via resale, to save you a ton of money, so you can stay Deluxe with points. We recommend DVC Resale to save you money when buying into the Disney Vacation Club.

Rent it:

If you aren’t ready to buy, rent the points from someone who has through DVC Rental Points. You can save almost HALF the cost of a stay. Read about it here.

So there you have it folks – all the things you need to consider when trying to decide if Deluxe is right for you.