A Guide To Renting DVC Points

Fact: I love Deluxe Resort accommodations. I love all Disney Resorts, but there’s something especially magical about the Deluxe Resorts to me. I love the Savannah view rooms at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the sand bottom pool at The Beach Club. I love the tropical feel at The Polynesian (and the fact that they have Trader Sam’s there!), and the grandiose lobby that always plays big band music at The Grand Floridian. The Deluxe Resorts all offer something different – but stay the same in exceptional service, convenience, dining, and theming. The only thing I don’t love about the Disney Deluxe Resorts is the hefty price tag that’s attached to staying there. With The Grand Floridian costing over $600 a night in low season, it’s a steep cost to wrap your mind around if you’re not a Rockefeller or a Kardashian. Thankfully, there’s a trick to getting these rooms at SIGNIFICANTLY lower prices, and that trick is renting DVC points.

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What is DVC Point Rental?

The Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s version of a timeshare, where people buy a certain amount of points to use every year to book their Deluxe Resort accommodations. In DVC Point Rental, the DVC Member agrees to rent points out to you, in exchange for payment, and then make a room reservation in your name.Italy Pavillion - Renting DVC Points

How Much Does Renting DVC Points Save?

I know what you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but it really wouldn’t save me that much, right?” Wrong. Let’s take a quick example: Say you want to take a spring break trip and stay at the Grand Floridian (who wouldn’t, am I right?). According to the DVC Points Calculator at the DVC Rental Store, you would need 158 points to stay for 6 nights in March. So, for $16 per point, you would be spending $2,528 to stay for the week. We looked on Disney’s website for what it would cost to stay at a normal room at the Grand Floridian during the same time, and it was $4,372. We know prices change and this is just one hotel, but IT’S ALMOST HALF PRICE. So it’s safe to say that you will undoubtedly save money by renting DVC points, but exactly how much you will save depends on where you go and when you go.

Grand Floridian

Where To Rent DVC Points?

We recommend renting DVC points with our friends at The DVC Rental Store. There are many different places to rent points: websites, independent brokers, etc., but we think the DVC Rental Store is your best choice. For starters, they don’t charge a deposit to check availability for you. For us, this is huge. We like to check multiple trip dates to see what works best for us, and what’s available, and some other brokers charge a deposit to check availability. Also, they are a real, reliable, reputable company, so you don’t have to worry about if you’re being swindled or scammed. They also let you pay the full balance of your trip 45 days BEFORE the trip, instead of asking for the full balance up front – if you travel frequently (or just need a little more time to save), this is a HUGE advantage in booking with DVC Rental Store. Check out their website for their step by step guide to point rental when you’re ready to book (preferably 11 months in advance) and get ready for a magical, discounted Deluxe vacation.

We think that renting DVC points is one of the best kept secrets for saving large amounts of money on your next Disney trips (without sacrificing comfort or luxury!). To start planning your next unforgettable Disney vacation, check out our friends at DVC Rental Store, to save money, and start making great vacation memories.