Walt Disney World Resort Differences – Value Vs. Moderate Vs. Deluxe

So you’re planning your trip to Walt Disney World and you’re SO excited, right?! But then you login to Disney’s website, or start searching online forums, and start seeing words you don’t recognize, and lingo you’ve never heard of, and suddenly you’re head starts to hurt. Disney people, you’ll soon learn, speak their own language. One of those lingos, is in the way they categorize their resorts.


When you’re looking at staying on Disney property (and we always recommend that you do!), Disney categorizes their resorts in three different segments. There are Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts, and Deluxe Resorts. Value Resorts are the lowest price point, Moderate Resorts are a medium price point, and Deluxe Resorts will cost you a pretty penny.


Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts include The All Star Movies, All Star Sports, and All Star Music Resorts, The Pop Century Resort, and The Art of Animation Resort. The standard rooms are significantly smaller than the rooms at the Moderate or the Deluxe Resorts, measuring about 260 sq. ft. The Disney Value Resorts are characterized by their playful, whimsical, over-sized icons that they use for decor. Whether it’s oversized sports players at All Star Sports, or oversized decade figures at Pop Century, the resorts are fun, and especially magical for kids. The rooms have a occupancy of four, but we think it’s going to be a little cramped, unless your kids are on the younger side. The rooms start feeling really small, really fast. The Value Resorts feature family friendly pools, as well as food courts with something the whole family can enjoy (not to sound like an infomercial). The best part of the Value Resorts, is the reasonable price point, and fun atmosphere for kids.


Disney’s next category of rooms is their Moderate Resorts. These resorts include The Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, The Caribbean Beach Resort, and The Coronado Springs Resort. The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are also technically considered in the Moderate Resort family, but we don’t usually lump them in the same category. The Moderate Resorts are at a higher price point than the Value Resorts, and are significantly larger. They’re 314 sq. ft. and have much more mature theming than the Value Resorts. These resorts are still family friendly, but can also be a great romantic atmosphere for couples as well. The Moderate Resorts are our go-to choice usually, because the price point isn’t astronomical, but the theming tends to fit our personalities better. We love the relaxing Mansions on the river of Port Orleans, or the beaches of the Caribbean, and think you will too!


The last category of Disney Resort is the Deluxe Resorts. The Deluxe Resorts are the creme de le creme of Disney Resorts. Elaborately themed, elaborately decorated, and elaborately priced, these resorts are the nicest, most beautiful, and have the best service you’ll find on property. The standard rooms are between 344-470 sq. ft. and most are designed to accommodate five guests, which is a big perk. Most standard rooms at Disney Deluxe Resorts have two queen beds, and a pull down bed from the wall which can accommodate someone else. Some of the other biggest perks of staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort is that many of them have close proximity to the Parks. For example, The Polynesian Village Resort, The Grand Floridian Resort, and The Contemporary Resort, all are on the monorail loop, that can be ridden to either The Magic Kingdom or Epcot. The Boardwalk, and The Yacht and Beach Club Resort are both within walking distance to Epcot, and Hollywood Studios, and also have boat transportation. All of the Disney Deluxe Resorts have fantastic onsite dining, and impressive lobbies. All the resorts have great pools, which are well worth spending some time at if you’re staying at the hotel. The only downside to staying at a Deluxe Resort, is that you’ll be paying Deluxe prices, which is not in everyone’s budget (it’s not in our’s a lot of the time!).


No matter what Resort you chose for your Disney vacation, we know that you will have a magical time, enjoying the happiest place on earth, and make incredible memories that will last a lifetime. We hope our breakdown of all the different resort categories helps make your decision of where to stay easier, as you plan your vacation.