What We Pack For Road Trips

David and I are road trip kings. In fact, I often joke that I’ve chosen the wrong career path, because I have a huge fear of flying. If given the choice, I will always chose to drive, instead of fly. I LOVE long road trips. I love sleeping in cars, listening to audiobooks, and podcasts. I love stopping at gas stations for snacks, and eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 6 am. I love watching the sunrise after you’ve been driving all night. When David and I first started traveling, and especially when we first started going to Disney World, we couldn’t afford to fly, so we would always make it into a road trip. We have become masters of the Texas-Florida drive, and more importantly, masters of packing essentials while on the open road. We love lists as much as Rory Gilmore does, so we’ve made one for our road trip must-haves.


1. A solid travel bag
You’re going to be carrying a lot of stuff – and you’re stuff deserves to be carried in something dependable, large, and stylish. My go-to is this amazing, reversible travel tote from Altar’D State. I love it for several reasons. For starters, I support anything that comes from Altar’D State – I love the work they do with missions, and how I always feel good about spending my money there. Secondly, it’s large enough to put almost anything in, but stylish enough to be used as a purse once you get to your travel destination. It’s also reversible, so it can go with any outfit, making it super practical.


2. Podcasts
David and I are obsessed with good podcasts, especially when driving long distances. My favorites are Serial (which I think is everyone in America’s favorite) and The Gilmore Guys.


3. Audiobooks
Let me tell you from experience – NOT ALL AUDIOBOOKS ARE CREATED EQUAL. There is nothing more awkward than listening to someone read a story in a creepy voice late at night. That’s why our favorite is to listen to the Harry Potter books on audiotape – they’re very well-done, plus, you can’t go wrong hearing about the boy who lived.


4. Starbucks Double Shot
Neither David nor I are big fans of energy drinks (red bull makes me feel like my heart is going to explode!), but caffeine is a necessity on road trips. We love these little espresso drinks, and you can find at any grocery store or gas station.DSC_0465

5. A two port USB charger
This was a game changer for road trips and our relationship. No more fighting over who gets to charge their phone, and who has to deal with a dead battery. You can both stay connected with a two port.


6. A (comfortable) neck pillow
You know why I sleep so well in the car? I have a ridiculously comfortable neck pillow. I’ve had both good ones and bad ones, and having one that I actually invested money in makes all the difference.


7. Healthy snacks
Guys – I love popping open a can of salt and vinegar Pringles just as much as the next girl, but you need things that won’t lead to a junk food crash. We love to pack the pre-made trail mix you can find at Target as well as protein bars.


8. Facial Wipes
I hate being dirty, and if you’ve ever tried to wash your face in a bathroom sink in a 7-11, you’ll know that having facial wipes on hand is a lifesaver.


9. Dry Shampoo
This goes back to the hatred of being dirty – dry shampoo is a life saver, especially when you need to arrive at your destination looking fresh and clean.


10. Bottled Water
We always grab a case of bottled water to throw in the trunk for long road trips. It’s far more cost-effective than stopping at gas stations every time you’re thirsty, and will keep you from getting cranky and dehydrated.


David and I love hitting the open road, and our road trip essentials make travelling more comfortable for us. What do you have to have in the car on road trips?