Walt Disney World Bucket List

We love bucket lists, if it’s not obvious. I mean, we named our blog, ‘the bucket list narratives’. Every December, David and I sit on our giant leather chesterfield sofa, in apartment stuffed with an obscene amount of Christmas decor, sip peppermint hot cocoa, and make a list of all the places we want to travel to in the next year. We map our our trips, and dream. It’s one of our favorite activities, and one of the reasons that this blog exists today. We have a travel bucket list, and a bucket list specific for Disney. Today, we decided to share with you some things that are specific to our Disney bucket list (and hopefully hear some feedback from you, on what’s on your Disney bucket list, so ours can grow even more!)

1. Stay In The Cinderella Castle Suite
Every time we’re in The Magic Kingdom, we look at Cinderella’s Castle Suite, and dream of what it would be like to stay in the magical suite that’s inside. But seeing as we aren’t Tom Cruise, and the ‘Year of A Million Dreams’ giveaway has ended, which was a year when a (very) lucky family was chosen to stay in the suite each night, we think this is a pipe dream.

LJP_0549LJP_0615LJP_0612LJP_05822. Eat At Every Table Service Restaurant At Walt Disney World
We’re so close to accomplishing this! This is one our list because, well, we love food and we love Disney. We tell ourselves that we’re selfless giving of ourselves by eating at so many different places so we can write about them for the blog (and it makes us feel better about ourselves).

LJP_0448LJP_0326LJP_0190LJP_0089LJP_00693. See Disney Film The Christmas Day Parade
We love Disney, and we love Christmas – so this seems like a match made in heaven to us.

DSC_9824DSC_9757DSC_9677DSC_90434. Take A Boat Cruise During The Fireworks
How classy does this sound? Riding around the Grand 1, on the Seven Seas Lagoon, sipping champagne and watching Wishes? I could easily check that off my bucket list and be happy!

DSC_028120160626-LJP_657220160626-LJP_650920160626-LJP_648320160626-LJP_64635. Go On An Adventures By Disney Trip
We love to travel the world – and not just Disney World. We would love to combine our two passions together, and take a group trip, led by Disney, to some of the coolest places in the World (maybe with some of the great people we’ve met at Disney!).

20160626-LJP_637920160626-LJP_628920160625-LJP_618120160624-LJP_5567This is very small portion of our Disney Bucket List – to read more of it you can go here. We love having lists, to inspire us to keep exploring, and going on adventures. Today, we wanted to share a few of the things on our bucket list with you, and why they’re on there. Remember, the motto around here is always going to be, ‘tomorrow is just a dream away’.