Walt Disney World’s Be Our Guest Breakfast Review

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. It easily makes the top three, and depending on what day you ask me, it might be number one. Currently, my top favorite is the four hour Walt Disney documentary that recently aired on PBS, but what can I say, I’m weird. But, since I love Beauty and the Beast so much, I love ‘Be Our Guest’. I think the restaurant is groundbreaking, innovative, breathtakingly designed, and raises the bar for what quick-service dining can and will be in the future for theme parks. I love the fact that you can have a quick-service meal there during the day, or a full-service meal at dinner. I love the fact that the food is way beyond standard park fare. I love the fact that staff wheels food out to you on fancy schmancy carts. Truly – this place is a stroke of genius, imagineering at its best.


Recently, they started serving breakfast at ‘Be Our Guest’, and I knew I had to go for several reasons. For starters, I knew I would be able to write about it, and in general, I think in blog minded terms. Secondly, early morning breakfast reservations = EMPTY PARK PICTURES. Empty park pictures are my bread and butter, so I knew that the combination was too good to pass up on. Heads up, guys, breakfast reservations at ‘Be Our Guest’ are just as hard to knab as dinner reservations. I lucked out, and was able to find an opening on one of the days of our trip, but if it’s high on your priority list, book early!


We booked an 8:20 breakfast reservation, which put us in the Magic Kingdom roughly forty minutes before it opened. We were let in to the park around 7:45, and spent our free time before breakfast frolicking around a semi-empty park, and snapping pictures.


When it was time for our reservation, we headed over to Beast’s Castle, and checked in. For breakfast, they only offer a pre-fix. The pre-fix consists of a drink, entree, and a pastry selection plate for the table. The price is $20 per person – however, David and I aren’t huge breakfast eaters, and that sounded like a ton of food, so we split one pre-fix between the two of us. We were told that it’s completely fine to do that, and it’s pretty common. Plus, they also told us that the pastry plates are provided per table of four, so it didn’t seem like a good value to us to spend $20 on a drink and an entree.


We were fairly impressed with the breakfast food provided, but both agreed that we didn’t like it nearly as much as the food we’ve tried during other meal times. We agreed that we enjoyed the experience, but we probably wouldn’t repeat it unless we really wanted to enter the park early.


Our final thoughts on breakfast at ‘Be Our Guest’ are this – the food is good, but not as impressive as other times, but if it’s the only time you can get a reservation, you won’t regret the experience. If your family isn’t big eaters at breakfast time, consider splitting, as we don’t think what you get for the price tag, is really worth it.