Must Eat Foods in Miami

Miami drops the mic on combining good food and culture. I mean, any city that specializes in Cuban coffee should be awarded a trophy in my book, but that’s just a personal opinion. With so many options for where to eat and drink in this neon-dipped city, we’ve attempted to take some of the guess work out for you. We’ve indulged around the city to compile a list of our favorite places for good food and drink in Miami.


1. News Cafe
News Cafe is a 24/7 icon, located directly on the beach strip, with beautiful seaside views. They’ve been open since 1988, and are known for their breakfast (my father swears by their eggs benedict) and their patio people-watching.


2. Laduree
If there’s a Laduree within city limits, David and I will find it. We’re obsessed with these tiny, jewel-colored, morsels of heaven disguised as cookies. This particular Laduree is found within Lincoln Road Mall: a trendy pedestrian walking mall.


3. Perricones Marketplaces and Cafe
This place has a little bit of everything you might be looking for. Part highend marketplace, the front end of the building is great for picking up wine, cheese, or on-the-go meals. The other half of the building is a gorgeous restaurant, built around a tree dressed in twinkle lights. We highly recommend both the restaurant and the market.


4. The Frieze Ice Cream Factory
Known for their offbeat, delicious ice cream flavors, Frieze is a must-stop for dessert when you’re in Miami. We think the coconut icecream is beyond life changing.

5. Tinta Y Cafe
THIS IS CUBAN COFFEE HEAVEN. We stumbled upon this place while in Little Havana, and are now preaching our conversion story to anyone within earshot. It looks unassuming, but the coffee and pastries are life changing.


For anyone that’s spent time on our blog, they know two things about us – we love food and we love to travel. Food and travel is the Jack to our Rose, the Luke to our Lorelei, the Ross to our Rachel. Being able to put the two of those great loves together in a list, for your reading pleasure, is truly a pleasure for us. We hope you enjoy eating your way through our list as much as we did.