Girl On a Budget: Travel Edition

Guys, there’s nothing that feels more anticlimactic than loving something a blogger is wearing, and showcasing, and then clicking on it and realizing it’s $400. GUYS – GIRLFRIEND HAS TO EAT. So I don’t have the money to shell out excessive money on travel clothes and suitcases. Today, we’re sharing our favorite budget friendly items to make travelling a breeze.

Travel Clothes:
I love to be comfortable when I’m on a plane, or in a car, and that means athleisure for the win. My all time favorite yoga pants are here (and they’re an unbeatable price!). I normally pair it was a relaxed v-neck, like this one or this one, and then bring either a denim jacket or a leather jacket, to turn it into an outfit, or in case I get cold on the plane. I usually have a baseball cap with me, and I love this leather one since it looks a little nicer.

I love this pink suitcase and carry on, because I never have a hard time finding my luggage at the airport. I always having packing cubes on hand, and I love a good weekender like this one, or this one.

Travel Beauty Products:
I don’t travel without dry shampoo, or makeup removing wipes – my favorites are here, here, and here. I love to take a great moisturizing face mask with me, and great moisturizer, since travelling can dry out your skin so much!