How We Save Money To Travel

The number one question we get is ‘how do you do it’. And by it, I mean, travel multiple times a year, without having a trust fund, a sugar daddy, or Kardashian as our last name. So let me start by saying this – we’ve been travelling multiple times a year for years, ever since we were broke, and in college, and working serving jobs. We have never gone into debt to travel, and we don’t believe in going into debt to travel. Instead, we believe if you want to travel, you can make it happen. What David and I’ve done is chosen to live differently, and live below our means, because travelling for us, is a priority. Today, we’re going to show you how we’ve done it.


1.  Have two different savings accounts

David and I have two different savings accounts, one for ‘life’ expenses that come up (car repairs, emergencies, etc), and the other for travel. We put money in both these accounts so that we can specifically save for travel, but we’re also being financially smart if something crazy happens. We love having a travel savings account because we’re specially saving to travel. We’ve found that when you specifically save for something, you’re way more likely to not spend that money on something else.


2. Set a budget that allows you to save

The biggest way David and I save to travel is by sticking to a budget. When we sat down, and set a budget, we specifically chose to live well below our means. Right now, we’re living on only one of our salaries, so we can put the other person’s completely into savings.


3. Set your priorities

What’s important to you? Do you want to eat out every week, or do you want a Disney World annual pass? Do you want to go to Europe, or do you want to live in a bigger apartment? Everyone can live a lifestyle of travel, but it’s not truly a priority to everyone. It’s a priority to us, so we’ve compromised DSC_0248DSC_0214DSC_0205DSC_0177DSC_0176in other areas.


4. Consider miles

Here’s the thing – I love flying for free. Airline credit cards have ruined me for paying for airfare ever again. Two years ago, we signed up for an American Airlines credit card, and since then, we have flown to several very pricey destinations (like Hawaii, and Europe) for free. If you’re seriously about travelling, an airlines credit card is a must.

This is how we practically saved money to travel frequently throughout the year. We know that what we’ve done is not for everyone, but it works for us. We hope you follow your travel dreams, and are inspired to go, see, and do!