How To Go to Disney During Busy Season (and Keep Your Sanity)

Going to Disney between Christmas Week and New Years? Good. You’re going to have a blast. Don’t listen to the haters telling you how crazy you are, or that you’ll see Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa, sobbing in a corner, over how crowded it is. It’s not true. Yes. It’s crowded – that’s true. Yes, the lines are going to be super long. BUT – that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time, if you go into it with the right mindset.

-Be Realistic
We go to Disney this time of year, almost every year (we LOVE New Years Eve at Epcot) – but we’re realistic about knowing what we can and cannot get done in the parks. Usually, this means, we only ride things that we can get Fastpasses for, and spend the rest of our time enjoying all the Holiday decor (which is one of the reasons you wanted to come at this time of year), and all the free Holiday entertainment (another big perk).

-Be Flexible
Too crowded to stay when you wanted? Go spend some time at the hotel pool. Lunch place you had your heart set on has lines stretching a mile and a half? Have a back up that you’re ok with. Firework spot that your family stands at every year already taken? Find another spot – who knows, you might like it more! The key to enjoying this time of year, is holding your plans very loosely, and being willing to make new ones on the fly.

-Keep Your Cool
If something goes wrong, if lines are too long, it’s OK! You’re in Disney World, it’s packed to the brim, not just with people, but decorations and holiday cheer, so nothing can really be that bad. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, just take a few deep breaths, and look around you at how magical of a place you’re in.

-Consider Deluxe
Staying at a resort that’s walkable, or on the monorail at this time of year, truly makes things easier. We love DVC Rental Store, for making it more affordable than ever to stay Deluxe, or – just treat the whole family to Disney Vacations forever (do I sound like I belong on TV?), and buy DVC for half the cost with DVC Resale.

At the end of the day, we really do think it’s one of the most magical times of year to visit the parks. You’ll have a blast, if you approach it with the right perspective, and frame of mind. Sometimes, it’s easy to get down, because of how crowded people say it is – but you will have SO much fun.