5 Tips For Saving Money When On Your Travels

We get it – it’s hard to budget when you travel. With so much to spend your money on, you
might be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible to even try and stretch your budget across the
trip. Fret not, as there are plenty of tried and tested tips to keep you from overspending and
leaving yourself out of pocket.

Here are just five ways to effectively save money whilst on your travels.

Learn how to haggle

One of the most common things you’ll experience whilst travelling – in a surprising number of
places around the world – is the necessity to haggle. Many people, from marketplace vendors
to taxi drivers, could potentially take advantage of you and your wallet should they realise
you’re a tourist with a lack of knowledge of the area.

If you encounter a price you think is much too high for what it’s worth, make sure you do
something about it. Haggle the costs down to an acceptable price in order to avoid having to
fork out extortionate amounts. Too often do travellers shy away from negotiations – don’t let it
be you.

Have a daily budget

If you’re the type of traveller who is hopeless with budgeting themselves properly, be sure to
create a daily budget for yourself. By having a daily budget to follow, you’ll be eliminating the
potential for running out of money prematurely – be sure to account for all of the necessities,
such as accommodation and transport, as well as the “wants”.

When you do map out your daily budget, make sure you’re also leaving some spare for the
potential unexpected costs. It happens to everyone, whether it be having to pay for a different
flight, clothes or even healthcare – more on that later. Be sure to account for potential events.

Rule out luxury accommodation

Trying to save money won’t work if you won’t settle for anything less than luxury.
Unfortunately, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re going to have to avoid splurging on the best
of the bunch in terms of hotels and accommodation. If you’re travelling, you’ll be paying a lot
each time, effectively constraining your budget.

Hostels may fill you with dread if you’ve never stayed in one, but travellers can attest to the
fact that they’re actually not bad at all. Banish your preconceptions and try it – they’re clean,
comfortable and definitely affordable. You could even end up meeting your new travel partner!

Fly during the night

You’ll quickly realise just how expensive flights are when you travel. If you’re planning on
hopping between countries, you’ll be racking up the costs with the amount of travel involved.

With that being said, there is a way to avoid having to pay up thousands – fly during the night.

Sure, you might have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep, but travelling during the day’s
unsociable hours could save you hundreds as opposed to flying at peak times. Look into
whether you’re able to fly late at night or early in the morning, and you’ll be on your way to
dramatically cutting the costs.

Stay sensible and avoid healthcare

As previously mentioned, unexpected costs can always arise when travelling, one of which
being with healthcare. Across the world, the price of treatment can be costly – the USA is
renowned for its extortionate prices of their healthcare, with one day in hospital exceeding
$5,000 in many cases.

So long as you stay sensible and don’t do anything you shouldn’t, you’ll be fine. And, be sure
to get health insurance. If you’re not covered, it could be you forking out thousands for
treatment. You’d surely rather be safe than sorry. This post was made possible through a partnership with CTI.