Best Epcot Illuminations Viewing Spots

Illuminations is our second favorite fireworks show at Walt Disney World (it would give Wishes more of a run for its money, if we didn’t think the part in the middle with the globe was so boring). We love the music, we love the inventiveness of the show, we love the message of unity and world progress. However, not all viewing spots around World Showcase are created equal. Some views are obstructed by trees, poles, or buildings – and a lot of the good viewing spots start filling up early. Today, we’re sharing what we think are the best viewing spots in Epcot to take in the show, so you can enjoy it fully.

DSC_52141. Mitsukoshi Department Store
If you head to the Japan Pavilion, and go to the second story of the gift shop, you’ll have our favorite view of Illuminations. We love this view for a lot of reasons – for starters, a lot of people haven’t seemed to discover it yet, despite the fact that the internet touts it as one of the top spots to watch the fireworks, so it’s possible to walk up a few minutes before the show, and still get a good spot. We also enjoy the fact that it’s an elevated view of the show. However, if we become internet sensations (which isn’t likely), this spot might become more popular.

DSC_00182. FastPass+ Viewing Spot
This is the only fireworks spot that we recommend getting a FastPass for. The reserved viewing spot is one of the best viewings in the house, and is technically where the show was designed to be seen from.

DSC_52073. France Bridge
Taking third on our list is the bridge between France and the United Kingdom. It is a long place between number two and number three though, as while this is a good viewing spot, it’s a partially obstructed view, and not nearly as good as number 1 and number 2.

DSC_0023No matter where you chose to watch the show, we know you’ll enjoy it (even though we think you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t have an oak tree in front of your line of sight). We think you’ll love Illuminations, and even leave the park humming the music.

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