Where To Watch Fireworks At The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show is our favorite way to end a night at Walt Disney World. Wishes is the ultimate nightcap – the closing drink on an already magical day. Every time I watch it, I feel like it’s The Magic Kingdom’s gift to me, giving me a little magic to take home with me, to feel my heart with the reminder that there’s so much good in the world. Not all viewing places for Wishes are created equal though – your experience will vary depending on where you chose to take in the show. We’ve narrowed down our favorite places to watch, so you can beeline straight towards a great viewing spot.

1. In The Middle Of Main Street U.S.A.
We normally don’t put our lists in a certain order, but this is number one for a reason. This is by and far the most magical place to watch Wishes, with Main Street, and Cinderella’s Castle framed in the background. Chose a spot in the middle of the street, and enjoy the show.

DSC_0034DSC_59512. In Front Of The Partners Statue
This area gets busy and congested with people very quickly, but it’s a great front and center view of the Castle, with the fireworks magnified in the background. It’s also a great place to camp out for a while, and watch ‘Celebrate The Magic!’ before the fireworks begin.

LJP_0463LJP_04483. The Dock at The Transportation and Ticket Center
Don’t have park tickets or a park hopper? This is a great place to watch the show, with the music being piped in. It’s also a great place for photography if you have a zoom lens.

DSC_0042DSC_00414. The beach at The Polynesian Resort
This might be the most popular spot to watch Wishes if you don’t have park tickets. We like to go to dinner at The Polynesian, and watch Wishes from a lounge chair at the beach, then head over to Trader Sam’s for a drink.

DSC_8737DSC_8733No matter where you chose to watch Wishes, we know it will be a great ending to your day. The show is one of the reason’s that we keep coming back to Disney so many times, and we know it will be one of your favorite parts of your trip.