What To Fast Pass at Disneyland

Disneyland Resort in California has grown to have a special place in David and I’s hearts. Though we consider Walt Disney World our ‘home’ resort, since we visit it the most often, but our trips to Disneyland have won us over, making us believe that the resort that Walt personally built makes up in charm, what it lacks in space. Some people question why we visit both parks, but we love what both have to offer. Both the size, scope, and grandeur of Florida’s Magic Kingdom, and the intimacy, character, and tradition of Disneyland. Another thing we love about Disneyland, is that they still operate on the old school paper Fast Pass systems. We think that Disney World’s Fast Pass+ is great, but we have a special place in our heart for the old paper Fast Pass system, which essentially, instead of being able to reserve your Fast Passes in advance, it’s a mad dash (may the fastest, most determined person win!) Today, we’re talking about what you NEED to be Fast Passing at Disneyland, to make your trip better (and your lines shorter!).

DSC_0422DSC_0387DSC_03361. Indiana Jones Adventure
In our opinion, this should be your number one Fast Pass priority. The lines get one, and we don’t think they move particularly fast. This is also a phenomenal, Disneyland exclusive ride, that should be experienced at least once (and more than that, in our opinion). If for some reason you can’t grab a Fast Pass, consider the single rider line.

DSC_0315DSC_0305DSC_03032. Space Mountain
We think that Disneyland has the superior version of Space Mountain (mainly because they don’t have the crazy old track that makes me want to visit a chiropractor). The lines are long, and you should have this ride high on your Fast Pass priority list.

DSC_0260DSC_0243DSC_01613. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
This is our favorite roller coaster on both coasts, and the general public tends to agree with us, considering how long the lines get. The long lines, plus the fact that most of said line is in the sun, makes for a combination that will leave you wanting to Fast Pass this ride early in the day.

DSC_0160DSC_0105These are, without a doubt, our top three picks for what you should prioritize your Fast Passes for at Disneyland. You’ll save time by not having to wait in the longest lines, and accomplish more with your day!

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