What’s In Our Camera Bag

The number one question we get is about our camera gear. Let me be upfront with you – this isn’t going to be a super technical post, full of photographers lingo and gobblygook. When I first started taking pictures three years ago, I wanted things put in the simplest terms possible. I didn’t want someone pitching a camera to me by telling me its shutterspeed or other such nonsense. I just wanted words that made sense to me. So today, we’re telling you all the gear that we carry in the parks with us (including the bag itself), and why we like it, in the SIMPLEST terms possible.20170304-LJP_426420170303-LJP_386620170302-LJP_3853

The Camera:
We use a Nikon D750. Several years ago, when we were choosing between Canon and Nikon, we decided to go with Nikon, and be loyal to it forever, for one simple reason – in our totally personal opinion, we think that it’s more user friendly for beginners. We’ve since gone through several models, and now we’re using a full frame (or professional) 750. The 750 has fantastic image quality, and great autofocus. It has built in wi-fi (which we love for uploading photos to our phones for Instagram!).20170302-LJP_375420170301-LJP_326020170301-LJP_3223

The Lens:
We use a Sigma 24-35 mm f2 lens. We SWEAR by the Sigma art series as far as lens go. This is the world’s first full frame lens that has an f2 aperture. So essentially, it’s a prime lens that can zoom, which means you get the image quality, and low light ability of a prime, with the ability to zoom. To put it as simply as possible, it takes great pictures day and night, up close, and a little bit further away. 20170301-LJP_312420170101-LJP_046220161230-LJP_9621

The Bag:
We use a Langly Alpha Pro Camera Bag. We like it because it’s waterproof (hello, Florida rain storms), has a tripod holder, and has plenty of room for the camera, extra lenses, and extra stuff as well.20161230-LJP_956020161203-LJP_810720161203-LJP_8074

The Tripod:
We use a SLK Professional Tripod with a Panhead. It stands about 5 and a half feet tall, and folds up small enough that we’ve never had trouble getting it through security at Disney. The tripod feels stable, which is nice when you have expensive equipment on it, but isn’t stupid expensive like a lot of tripods out there.20161203-LJP_806520161127-LJP_7406

We’ve put links on all the equipment listed above, if you’re interested in getting any of it (because we’re greedy, and like to be able to feed our dog). If you have any other questions about the equipment feel free to contact us, or just look at our photos. If you don’t like our photos (not everyone does), the gear we use probably isn’t for you.