Walt Disney World’s Territory Lounge Review

Do you use antlers in all of your decorating? Does the lodge scene in Beauty and the Beast make you feel at home? Then the Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the place you need to go on your next trip to see the Mouse. Sure, you can check out Gaston’s Tavern in The Magic Kingdom, but for a real rustic experience, with better food, and alcohol (PRIORITIES), you should check out this tiny watering hole instead.20170303-LJP_404320170303-LJP_401120170303-LJP_4050

In years of late, we’ve fallen in love with Disney lounges. It’s probably because we’ve become pretty lazy in making dining reservations (because we’re hypocrites with our own advice, and a lot of our trips are last minute.) We still love to sit in a real chair while we eat, so the Disney lounge, found in most Deluxe resorts, is the best option for us.20170303-LJP_405720161203-LJP_8079

Territory Lounge is a great place to grab a bite, or just a drink. They have some of your favorite bites that you can get at Artist Point, including the famous Portobello Soup. The soup has a good reputation for a reason, as it’s made from angel tears, hopes, and dreams. One of their specialties is a cheese fondue from Oregon, served with pretzels and fruit, that is fantastic.20161230-LJP_008020161230-LJP_008420161230-LJP_0086

Their wine menu is from the Pacific Northwest, and is reasonably priced, and phenomenal. I mean, I’m not a hardsell on wine in general, but I appreciate a good themed wine list.20161230-LJP_008920161230-LJP_0094

We love the Territory Lounge so much that we didn’t want to tell you about it. We wanted to keep it to ourselves, selfishly hiding it away so that nobody else found out about it, so we would always be able to grab a table when we wanted it. But, alas, we are a giving bunch, and we’re here to share our knowledge.