Brunch, Earth Day, and Friends – WDW Trip Report Day 1

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on this blog, has heard me rant and rave about the importance of friendship and community. Maybe I watched one too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother, or maybe I just fancy myself as living in a 90s after school special – but none-the-less, I think friendships and relationships are so of the most important things in life. So when an opportunity came to head down to Disney for a magical weekend full of friends, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity.

20170422-LJP_514520170422-LJP_515220170422-LJP_516220170422-LJP_5178Saturday morning (which is for sleeping in, and eating, in my personal opinion), we headed to The Animal Kingdom Lodge for brunch at Boma. Boma is already one of my favorite restaurants on Disney property (really, I just like anywhere that I can eat until I feel like I’m going to die), but this was our first time eating breakfast here. We met up with a lot of friends (you might see some familiar faces in the pictures!), and proceeded to eat ourselves into a food coma.20170422-LJP_518420170422-LJP_519220170422-LJP_5200

After brunch, in an effort to burn some calories, we headed over to Animal Kingdom, to celebrate its birthday and Earth Day. One of our favorite things about Disney Parks, is that you can have as much fun NOT riding rides, and just talking around enjoying the atmosphere and ambiance that’s so carefully created. We spent a perfect day, exploring the nooks and crannies of Animal Kingdom, dancing in the streets of Harambe, and day-drinking The Nomad’s Lounge amazing cocktails.20170422-LJP_521220170422-LJP_522620170422-LJP_524620170422-LJP_5273

We continued the Earth Day celebrations, by going back to The Animal Kingdom Lodge, for a late night dinner at Sanaa with friends. Sanaa is a hidden gem of Walt Disney World – it has amazing, interesting food, great atmosphere, and reasonable price points, which is a hard combination to find at the parks.20170422-LJP_528720170422-LJP_530320170422-LJP_531220170422-LJP_541020170422-LJP_5418

One of the things we love most about Disney, is that it’s even more magical when it’s shared with people you care about. We had a great day, doing the things we normally love to do at Disney, but it was made even better by being with people we love.