Happily Ever After Review and Tips

Over mourning Wishes and ready to give Happily Ever After a spin? GOOD. We first saw the new Magic Kingdom firework show last week, and our high expectations were met. We were diehard Wishes fans, who mourned its ending – but were excited for a new chapter in Magic Kingdom night entertainment. Happily Ever After reminds us a lot of Disneyland Forever at Disneyland for the Diamond Celebration, utilizing both fireworks, nostalgic Disney music, and projections on the Castle and turrets. The show is fantastic, and should be a ‘must-see’ for your trip to Walt Disney World. Today, we’re putting together a list of tips for seeing the show, to maximize your viewing experience.

-Get there VERY early.
The show is still in its early stages, so if you want a primo spot, be prepared to camp out. We got there two hours early, and people were already camping out. People are PASSIONATE about seeing the new show – like a girl tried to fight us for our spot kind of passionate.

-Expect heavy crowds.
The show is going to draw crowds, and it’s going to draw crowds for a long time. Wishes drew crowds, and it was an OLD show – how much more do you think people are going to show up in full force for a new show? Go into your viewing with a realistic expectation.

-Stand further back on Main Street for the best view.
With Wishes, you could stand pretty much anywhere for a good view. With Happily Ever After, you NEED to be front and center, and partially back on Main Street to have the best view. This is mainly because the show utilizes projections on the Castle and the turrets, and if you’re not far enough back, you won’t see all of it.

The show is good – it’s Disney magic firing on all cylinders and you need to see it. But you need to go into it not expecting it to be Wishes (it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch), and you need to get there early enough for a good spot.