Walt Disney World During Spring Break

MTV Spring Break just not for you? Not feeling like Cabo this year? Wet t-shirt contests feeling SOOOOOO circa 2004 The OC? We’re with you. You won’t find us spending March-April on a beach, in an oversized neon t-shirt, killing our brain cells – you’ll find us at Walt Disney World, enjoying a different kind of spring break. There are very few times of year that we don’t enjoy visiting Walt Disney World, but we think that Spring Break has several things working for its advantage.20170301-LJP_318720170301-LJP_313120170301-LJP_3095

Something nice about Spring Break, vs. say Thanksgiving Break, is it falls differently for different schools, colleges, and homes (for all those home school families, like my husbands growing up) – which means that the crowds get distributed a bit more evenly.20170301-LJP_320520170301-LJP_325920170302-LJP_346220170302-LJP_367120170302-LJP_3647

Flower and Garden Festival:
One of the biggest draws to visiting during Spring Break, is that you’ll be in the parks during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. Flower and Garden Festival is one of our favorite times of year to be at Disney – it’s beautiful, and brimming with food and beverage (HOLLA). You can check out our guide to Flower and Garden Festival here, and our guide to the festivals food and beverage here.20170304-LJP_440320170303-LJP_392220170301-LJP_318420170304-LJP_4417

We aren’t going to pretend like this isn’t a crowded time to be in the park. But, as years pass, that illusive ‘dead time’ to be in the parks has become a myth, and really anytime is crowded. This is going to be some of the best weather you’ll have of the year, as well as the added bonus of Flower and Garden Festival, make it a great time of year to visit.20170303-LJP_421920170302-LJP_3864

Miscellaneous Tips:

– Yes, it will be crowded, but you can combat the crowds with a strategy. Make sure you have your Fast Pass+ reservations made, make your dining plans early, and always get to the park at least thirty minutes early!

– Where you live might be covered in snow or rain at this time of year, but it can feel like summer during the day in Orlando. Dress for warm days, and cool evenings.

– We don’t always book a Disney Dining Plan, but if we’re going during a festival (food and wine, or flower and garden), we think the Dining Plan is a good idea. Mainly because you can use snack credits for festival food items, which is a great deal.20170302-LJP_3728

No matter how you Spring Break at WDW, we know you’ll have fun (unless you try to resurrect that wet t-shirt contest at Epcot – then you might get some dirty looks, and escorted from the park). We hope our guide gives you a starting point in your planning!20170303-LJP_4152