Rope Drop and Breakfast at The Magic Kingdom

There are few things I love in the world, more than an uncrowded Magic Kingdom. Several months ago, when it was announced that The Magic Kingdom was changing their rope drop procedures, and people would no longer be held like cattle in front of the train station, waiting to go inside, there was a general outcry of anger on the internet. People flooded the forums, saying that the train station welcome show was their favorite thing at Disney World, and things would never be the same without it. It was the pitchfork scene from Beauty and the Beast all over again. We, however, saw nothing but good from this decision.20170302-LJP_332120170302-LJP_332320170302-LJP_332520170302-LJP_332720170302-LJP_333220170302-LJP_333420170302-LJP_3342

We got to go to our first ‘early morning rope drop’ in The Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. The Magic Kingdom opened at 9 am that morning, and we arrived in the park around 7:45 am. There was already some people in the park, but it was by no means crowded. We got through security in a breeze, and then were able to get our morning coffee with no line (PRAISE HIM, WHO INVENTED CAFFEINE). We then headed onward to check out some of the new breakfast offerings that The Magic Kingdom now has. We’ve heard rumblings of breakfast hotdogs and mini-cronuts at Casey’s Corner, but alas, it appears, those are only offered occasionally. What’s offered consistently, is breakfast at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, where you can get a donut ice cream sundae, if your stomach is made of steel, or MICKEY WAFFLES, with bacon and strawberry topping. We purchased our waffles (tiny bites of heaven), and took them to an entirely empty hub grass, to enjoy castle views, and the atmosphere of the empty kingdom.20170302-LJP_334920170302-LJP_335720170302-LJP_335820170302-LJP_336220170302-LJP_3368

After a leisurely breakfast, we enjoyed taking pictures without a ton of people in them of our favorite park (aka the reason we got to The Magic Kingdom so early!), then headed to the front of the castle to see the new show they’ve designed for rope drop. The show is cute, and pretty straight forward. It’s not too elaborate, and you won’t be heartbroken if you miss it, but we enjoyed starting our day by seeing Mickey, Minnie, and some of their friends welcome everyone to the park on the castle stage show.20170302-LJP_337120170302-LJP_337320170302-LJP_337720170302-LJP_339720170302-LJP_341220170302-LJP_3423

In general, we think this is an incredible change for The Magic Kingdom. Instead of waiting for a half hour to be let into the park, then rushing to grab breakfast, grab coffee, get to the first attraction while drinking said coffee before you have to pour it out, all the while yelling at your party to stay together and drink faster – you can now enjoy a leisurely morning in the park.