Walt Disney World’s Spice Road Table Review

Remember in season two of Gilmore Girls, when Rory ordered enough Indian food to feed a food deprived orphanage when Lorelai was out of town? This, is the only decision, in seven seasons, and four reunion episodes, that I agree with. ETHNIC FOOD HAS MY HEART – my whole heart, forever, and for always. Whenever I visit other countries, I wonder to myself how America could have such great television, and such great sports, but fail so much in the culinary arts? How is it that as a country that we are best known for hot dogs, and hamburgers? I have nothing against these things (I’ll eat a 79cent Quik Trip Hot Dog with the best of them), but why aren’t we known for better dishes? I LOVE TO EAT STRANGE AND WONDERFUL FOOD FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.20170303-LJP_422320170303-LJP_422520170303-LJP_4228

Spice Road Table, a tapas style restaurant, opened in the Morocco Pavilion of several years ago. It’s been on our list since it opened, but we’ve never made it there for some reason or another. We finally were able to go for dinner on our most recent trip, with several friends – and had the BEST experience.20170303-LJP_423120170303-LJP_4234

For starters, Spice Road Table is a beautiful restaurant. We are particularly fond of the outdoor patio, with its elaborate moroccan lanterns, wrought iron chairs, and views of the lagoon. Our table ordered a variety of dishes, including calamari, the famous hummus fries (which are popular during Food and Wine Festival), the lamb sausage, the lamb sliders, and the rack of lamb. Everything was phenomenal – there are definitely dishes that you can have to yourself as a single entree, but the menu seems to work better as shared dishes, with everyone getting to try a little of everything.20170303-LJP_423920170303-LJP_424220170303-LJP_424420170303-LJP_4245

We think that Spice Road table is great for many reasons – for starters, it’s incredibly reasonably priced (KEEP YO CHANGE IN YO POCKET). Also, it’s almost always available for a reservation, because the masses seem to have not figured out that Moroccan food is something the whole family can enjoy. This is our pick for a last minute dining reservation, on those trips you forget to get your stuff together early, and just want to sit down while you eat.