Toy Story Land’s Woody’s Lunch Box Review

Guys you know us by now. You know that we judge a place exclusively by how good the food is. We aren’t saying this is a great quality, but it’s who we are. WE LOVE TO EAT, AND WE AREN’T ASHAMED. This is probably why, we were MOST excited about Woody’s Lunch Box with the opening of Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. We’ve expressed before that we think that Hollywood Studios is a bit of a food wasteland – we never eat anywhere in the parks except for Mama Melrose and The Brown Derby. It’s a park that is DESPERATELY needing a high quality, well themed quick service restaurant.

For those that are waiting with breath held, we are excited to report that Woody’s Lunch Box is fantastic, and very well fills the quick service void that Hollywood Studios has. We tried the totchos (TATOR TOT NACHOS GUYS. It’s brilliant.), the brisket sandwich, the adult lemonade (I’m always here for a cocktail), and the tarts. Everything we had was great, with good portion sizes, and reasonable prices. I particularly loved the tarts and the totchos.

At the end of the day, we loved Woody’s Lunch Box, and it will most likely be our new go-to while at Hollywood Studios. We don’t think it’s groundbreaking quick service, like the food at Pandora, but it’s really good.