Mickey Beignets at Walt Disney World

I love all Mickey shaped food. I don’t care what it is, if you shape it like Mickey’s head, I won’t just love it, but I’ll take a basic photo of it, and put it on instagram. I HAVE NO SHAME. For years, my friends have grown annoyed with my complaining over the fact that Disneyland held the coveted Mickey shaped beignets, while at Disney World, what I consider my home park, we only had boring square shaped beignets. True, the actual ingredients were the same, but does food not shaped like our favorite mouse actually taste as good? 

Well praise the lamb guys – Walt Disney World now has Mickey shaped beignets, so you can chow down on the head mouse in charge, and get your sugar fix all at once. Head over to Port Orleans French Quarter (also known as our favorite moderate resort), and go to Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, the quick service restaurant there. There you will find the Mickey Shaped beignets, in either a three or six count, with optional dipping sauces. 

This quick service restaurant doesn’t just have beignets, but some of our favorite quick service food at any resort. The shrimp and grits here is the best we’ve had on property, and easily beats out the much more expensive version over at The Coral Reef. Stop in the restaurant for some powdered sugar, grits, and a walk around one of Disney’s best resorts.