Tomorrow Is Just a Dream Away


Three years ago, we decided to start making bucket lists. We were in college, we were poor, and we spent far too much time at a 24-hour diner that was housed in a trailer. Winter had been long in Oklahoma that year, and there hadn’t been many days above freezing in months. One night in that diner, over cheese fries and burnt coffee, we realized that we were bored with our lives. Our days consisted of classes without windows, movies without substance, and burnt coffee in a roll-away diner. We needed something different, something to propel ourselves out of the life that we were expected to live. All we knew was that we wanted to live adventurously, and start turning our somedays, into tomorrows. We wanted so much more than eight to five jobs in the same stale city where we grew up. We wanted adventure, and that night we made a promise to each other to find it together. So we decided to make our first bucket list.


According to Webster, a bucket list is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.” Our first attempt was general at best. We started with Europe, which honestly seemed depressingly unattainable at the time. It wasn’t that we knew what we wanted to do, we just wanted to go. There was a collective feeling of being cooped up during a snow storm, and the possibility of discovering Europe felt like the first signs of snow melt. Over the course of the evening, our list grew from a few European countries to places and things that we honestly knew nothing about, just that they existed.


Since that night in the diner, we’ve thrown coins in the Trevi fountain, run through the streets of Paris to watch the Eiffel Towel sparkle, sung Les Miserables with British teens on the streets of London, played in the snow in Central Park at Christmastime, drank from coconuts in the Bahamas, and been to Disney Parks so many times that people think we’re crazy. We’ve watched Big Ben over the Thymes, kayaked in the cool waters of the Colorado, waded through countless public fountains, tasted Roman gelato, and jumped off scalding sand dunes. We live our life committed to adventure to make it as full as we can.


Too many people live with the mindset that one day they will live the life that they’ve always wanted, but in most cases, that day never comes. Life never gets less busy, less difficult, or less expensive. Our bucket lists were to serve a purpose–to propel us out of ‘someday’ thinking, and into a life that we wanted to live; and we decided to start this blog to do for you what our bucket lists have done for us. We want you to share in our adventure lifestyle, and to be inspired to make your own experiences. As we continually cross off our never ending bucket list, we hope to motivate and empower you to live your dreams. The life you want is possible, attainable, and waiting for you to start living it.