The Food of Pandora

The best part of anything opening at Disney World is the new food options that we can put on our instagram feeds right?! No? That’s just me? Ok, fine. David and I consider ourselves champion eaters. World class. Michael Phelps racing a great white on Shark Week level eaters. So, as a personal sacrifice for you guys, we’ve eaten our way through Pandora (out of sheer selflessness), so that we could write about it today.

Satu’li Canteen:
This is where the magic happens, so to speak. The main restaurant in Pandora, what it lacks in theming, it makes up for by being the best quick service restaurant at Animal Kingdom (yes I just went there). Satu’li Canteen offers both inside, and outside seating, as well as MOBILE ORDERING, because standing in line is so 2016. We’re outlining some of the highlights from the menu that we recommend getting.

Cheeseburger Pods:
Is it a fusion food found deep in Chinatown? Is it a cheeseburger? Is it a weird combination of both? These cheeseburger pods taste strangely like a Big Mac, and while not the best item on the menu at the Canteen, will please even your pickiest eater.

Blueberry Cheesecake:
This is a colorful, created for Instagram dessert, that tastes as delicious as it looks. We highly recommend getting this cheesecake (and not sharing).

Build Your Own Bowl:
The crowning achievement of Pandora, the build your own bowl should be the next generation of theme park fast food. It’s healthy, it’s light, it’s filling, and it’s delicious. We recommend getting either the chicken or fish, with the sweet potatoes, and any of the sauces.

Dreamwalker Sangria:
Do not, do not, do not get this drink. I love all sangria. I make amazing sangria. I have a small altar set up in my closet, Hey Arnold style, for sangria. But this drink, is not sangria, and you would be better off, keeping your ten dollars in your pocket.

Pongu Pongu:
Pongu Pongu is the refreshment outpost, set up outside the Canteen, and near the Mosswall (where you will find a photopass person – which will never NOT be hilarious). They mainly have drinks, and snacks.

Night Blossom:
This drink is essentially a more sour version of the violet lemonade with boba on top of it. It’s great, it’s photogenic, and we recommend it.

Mo’ara Margarita:
GUYS THIS MARGARITA IS GREAT. It has blood orange flavor, boba, and it’s frozen, which is perfect for Florida’s child like heat and humidity.

Pongu Lumpia:
People rave about these cream cheese and pineapple spring rolls, which are light, and cheap (for Disney).My shorts are perfect for the parks – they’re from Spring Garden Boutique. Take 10% off your whole order with code BUCKETLIST. My shirt is from Walt’s Wardrobe! 

So go ahead – go crazy, eat all the food at Pandora. I mean, with only two rides, what else are you going to do?