A Southern Summer

We just got back from our ‘southern summer trip’ (also known as we went to Savannah and Charleston), and I have a newfound respect for the ladies of Gone With The Wind. How in the world, they managed to maintain a level of sanity, with corsets and hoop skirts, in high humidity and heat, is beyond me. I was getting cranky in modern clothing. These two cities we visited where special though – a lot of times, we’ve felt like cities are just pretending to be a certain way for tourists (like The French Quarter in New Orleans, for example), but Charleston and Savannah, really are colorful, inviting, historical, and southern to the core. We enjoyed every minute there.


I wear A LOT of dresses, year round. I love a simple outfit I don’t have to plan all the pieces for, so most of my closet is dresses. This chambray off the shoulder is here, with similar ones being sold here, here, and here. This off the shoulder dress is sold here, and also comes in yellow and denim. I’ve rocked a lot of florals since before it was cool. This dress is sold out, but you can find similar here, here, and here. Having a simple white dress in your closet can be a summer staple. This one is sold out, but I love this one, this one, and this one. 

I’m super picky about shorts – like i’ll find a pair I like a buy fifteen pairs. I can’t recommend the pair I’m wearing enough. 

I lean more towards flowy, off the shoulder styles that are comfortable. I linked both that I’m wearing here and here– they also come in more styles and colors, like here, here, and here. 

I mixed footbed sandals, and comfortable leather loafers for our trip. You can find them here, here, and here. 

I never travel without a hat. I’m too lazy about not doing my hair, and we take a lot of road trips, so a hat is a perfect accessory for me. My favorite is here. 

I’m fighting the small sunglasses trend, by only rocking oversized glasses that take up 3/4 of my face. My favorites from the trip are here, here, and here. 

We loved our time in the South, and we hope our style guide helps you stay cool and comfortable when it’s hot this summer.