Storm Season at Walt Disney World

There are few things that are guaranteed in life. One of those is that if you’re at Disney World during storm season, is that it will rain at least once a day. The rain will be hard, and come in the afternoon, and usually last only a few hours. It won’t be that bad if you’re prepared for it – but you need to know that it’s coming. Storm season in Florida runs from June to November, with peak season being August through October. You can still have a great trip to Disney during storm season, if you go prepared.

-Wear The Right Clothes

Skip the denim. Trust me. Wear light clothes, that will dry easily, if you get soaked in a storm. Wear shoes that are at least water resistant. We like footbed sandals that won’t hold water, and that we don’t have to wear socks with (wet socks are no fun).

-Pack an umbrella

We always take a backpack to the park, and we always have a raincoat in it, AND an umbrella. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the parks in a storm, without a way to stay dry.

-Visit indoor attractions

Walt Disney World has a ton of indoor attractions – enough to fill a whole day. A ton of people will try to tell you to go to Disney Springs when it rains, but that isn’t great advice. Stick it out, and just stick to indoor rides and shows, and you’ll be fine.

-Nap in the afternoon

Since rain storms at Disney normally happen in the afternoon, we try to schedule our naps (we’re old at heart) during this time period.

With these tips, it’ll be easy to visit during storm season with peace of mind, and not worry about getting rained out.