Walt Disney World’s Geyser Point Review

IT HAS HAPPENED. The next generation of Disney Quick Service is here, and it is beautiful. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Disney’s Wilderness Lodge’s new restaurant, Geyser Point, so I had high expectations for the Quick Service/Table Service/Bar Combo, and I’ve never had high expectations met and then exceeded so much.20170303-LJP_400220170303-LJP_400420170303-LJP_400620170303-LJP_4007

Getting to Geyser Point is an experience in and of itself. You get to walk through the Wilderness Lodge Lobby, which is beautiful, and automatically gives you the feeling that you’ve been transported to a great National Parks Resort. You exit through the back, and walk around the pool, until you find Geyser Point, down by the lake.20170303-LJP_400920170303-LJP_401120170303-LJP_4013

Geyser Point is beautifully done – part walk up food counter, part bar, and part restaurant. All of it is open air, but covered, with sweeping views of the lake (at night, there’s views of the Electrical Water Pageant!), and comfortable seating.20170303-LJP_401920170303-LJP_403120170303-LJP_403320170303-LJP_4034

We were there with some friends, which meant we got to try most of the menu. We sampled several cocktails – including the Sangria, Black Cherry Mule, and Huckleberry Punch. They were all fantastic, and severed in patio friendly, plastic wine glasses.20170303-LJP_403520170303-LJP_403620170303-LJP_404020170303-LJP_4041

We all split crispy oysters, cheese bbq brisket, a salmon BLT, a bison burger, and a crabcake sandwich. I honestly have nothing but high praise for everything on the menu. I would not only eat everything I had again, but have been craving most everything for weeks. This review is borderline boring, because I have nothing but flattery to heap on this restaurant. I’m almost scared to say as many nice things as I want to about it, because I want it to remain a bit of a hidden gem, so that I can walk up whenever I want without a wait. At the end of the day though, you won’t regret the detour to this hotel to check it out.20170303-LJP_404320170303-LJP_4057