Outfit Planning For The Disney Parks

Guys – I know that you’re all sitting at home, anxiously hoping that I’ll pause my Dawson’s Creek marathon, and unclench myself from the will-they-or-won’t they Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle (Team Pacey all the way btw), so that I can enthrall you with talks of what I wear to Walt Disney World. I HAVE COME TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. The TV is paused (right after Pacey bought Joey a wall in an act of true love that would melt an Elsa of a cold heart, for anyone who cares), and I’m here to thrill you would details of my closet.

Full disclosure, sitting in my bedroom now, is a half packed suitcase, that is always there. I never fully unpack it – I travel so often, and am plagued by such wanderlust (aka restlessness), that I never truly put all my things away. I have mastered the art of packing for trips to the Disney Parks, no matter what time of year, and I’m here to unload my weather of knowledge onto you.

1. Dresses
I normally wear dresses in the parks. It gets hot, no matter what time of year, and I like flowy, casual outfits that are only one step in planning, and will be comfortable all day long. Most of my favorite dresses fit the bill. You can check out my favorites below (and most of them are bargains!)

2. Shoes
Guys – if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, you will be miserable. There’s nothing worse than having blisters when you’re walking a billion miles a day. I usually go for vans, footbed sandals, or my favorite tennis shoes from bibbidibobbidibling. You can shop my favorites below!

3. Shorts
I’ve said for years that rigid waist bands make for unhappy people – we think this is especially true in the parks. Our favorite shorts below are comfortable enough for all day wear in the parks, will dry fast, and won’t make you want to go back to the hotel to change into something else.

4. Tops
I go for things that are loose, breezy, and comfortable (aka the theme of my wardrobe). Shop my favorites below.

I’m wearing shirts from D3Tees, and The Lost Bros Trading Co. You can shop more of my faves below.

5. Bags
We’re always carrying a camera bag, either in the form of a shoulder bag or backpack, and I usually have a small purse in the parks, either a Disney Dooney, or a Danielle Nicole.

6. Shameless Plugs
We always have some of our own merch in the parks, and we can shamelessly plug it, because it’s our blog. Shop all of our shameless plugs here!

So there you have it – the all important, outfit planning guide, and innerworkings of my closet. We can all rest easy now, I know.