How We Show Our Disney Side

We all have a Disney side, right? If you believe Disney’s 2013 advertisement campaign, we all do. The more David and I go to Disney, the more our collection of Disney merchandise grows. We like to show our Disney side without looking like the grown adults we’ve seen in full-on Princess dresses (more power to you), and today we’re sharing our favorite ways to let our inner Disney nerd show.

1. Ears
Mickey and Minnie Ears are a classic and easy way to show your Disney side, and probably the most common way that David and I rock our Disney side in the parks. David always opts for a classic black pair of Mickey ears, while I’ve grown to love shopping at at small stores that sell custom ears. My favorites are OhYeahApparel and Le.Ears.

DSC_8813DSC_9043LJP_02472. T-Shirts
We get almost all of our Disney T-shirts from small shops, including our own (shameless plug!). We love wearing shirts from small shops, because we find that the designs fit our sense of style, while still showing our love for Disney better than the apparel we find in the parks. Our favorites are D3Tees, HappilyEverTees, and our own shop (again, I can shameless plug, it’s my blog!).


LJP_0752LJP_0315DSC_9404DSC_9447LJP_06663. Mickey Vans
I’m obsessed with my Mickey Vans for wearing around the parks. One of the number one tips that we give is wear comfortable footwear to the parks – you walk upwards of eleven miles a day at a Disney Park! These Vans are a great way to show your Disney Side while still being comfortable.

LJP_0282We love to show our Disney side, and we love to support small shops and the creative people behind them. Next time you are looking for something to wear on your next trip to Disney, check out one of the amazing shops above!