My Favorite Accessories For Disney

It’s no secret that I love to show my Disney style at all times. And sure, sometimes when I’m in the parks, you’ll find me in head to toe Disney attire. But sometimes – I just want to wear a pretty dress, and rock some Disney accessories with it. Today, I’m talking about my favorite Disney accessories for the parks, and real life – because I gave up on my dream of being a hard-hitting journalist years ago.

-The Castle Necklace
Me and every other Disney basic loves this castle necklace – so why fight it? Being basic is fun (and being original is seriously overrated). It’s the perfect Disney accessory to wear as a layering piece with other jewelry.

-Phone Cases
Some might consider this shameless pandering (and it is), but it’s my blog, so we get to market shamelessly. We always have our phone cases on our phones while on trips – you can buy them here.

-Disney Shoes
I love to wear COMFORTABLE shoes while in the parks, especially Disney ones. My favorite are my handpainted ones, from Shanny Shoes. I also love my Mickey shoes from Target, and my Disney VANS.

-Disney Bags
My all time favorite Disney bags are from Danielle Nicole, like this one, and this one. I also love the Kate Spade Minnie Mouse line, which you can find here, here, and here.

-Sparkly Ears
I always wear Mouse Ears when I’m at Disney – and the sparklier the better. I rarely wear ears that are from the parks, because they hurt my head, and prefer ears from small shops.

-Minnie Bow Ring
The Disney Parks recently released a right hand ring, in the shape of Minnies bow, and I’m EATING it up like a 12 year old girl trying to get Taylor Swift tickets.

-Lillian & Co
Maybe my favorite park accessory of all, that I wear everyday, are the bracelets that our good friends at Lillian & Co make. They’re quality, inspirational, and classy. You can buy yours here, and take 10% off with code BUCKETLIST.

We love dressing for Disney – and hope you love our favorite products as much as we do.