Cue the Augustana music, because we just got back from Boston, and I’m still dreaming of the lobster rolls. For some reason, in all the trip planning I’ve done over the years, Boston has never felt particularly high on the list. We added it as a last-minute stop on our recent fall trip to New England, and I’m so glad we did. Normally, it’s pretty hard to find cities that combine a big city feel, with the charm of a small town, but Boston managed to do it. Today, we’re sharing our favorite places to see in Boston, so you can make the most of your time. 



Tatte is the coffee house of my dreams, and I’m genuinely sad to not live near one. Not only do they have excellent coffee, but they have one of the best breakfast and bakery menus I’ve ever seen. Combine the great food, with the fantastically decorated interior, and you have a place that I managed to stop by THREE times in 24 hours. 

-Lukes Lobster 

I’ve been dreaming of the lobster rolls that I had here. I’ve been ruined for all other lobster rolls, and wish that I could exclusively eat this sandwich for the rest of my life. Get the combo, which includes half of a lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. 

-The Warren Tavern

If you’re looking to feel like Hamilton, playing his part in the revolution, then head to The Warren Tavern. The Warren Tavern has been around since the late 1700s, and played host to people like George Washington and Paul Revere. Since it’s so historical, they could probably get away with having bad food and weak drinks, but everything was wonderful. 

-Max Brenner Hot Chocolate

This is the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve had outside of New York City. It’s worth every single delicious calorie. 



Channel your inner Elle Woods, and sit around wondering what it would be like to be smart enough o go to Harvard. I mean, if they didn’t let in Paris Gellar, these kids have to be REALLY smart.

-Acorn Street

If you’ve seen photos of Boston, you’ve most likely seen Acron Street. Just be warned – if you try to take pictures on the street, there’s a good chance the residents will come out and yell at you – not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything. 

-The Boston Public Library

I’m not saying that The Boston Public Library is Hogwarts, but if I wanted to get sorted into a house, I would come here. It has major great hall vibes, and I half expected to see Snape shushing someone. 

-Boston Public Gardens

This is the most ‘European’ of any public gardens I’ve seen in the good ol’ USA. It’s beautiful, and great for just wandering around. 

-Beacon Hill

An iconic Boston neighborhood, perfect for getting lost in. 


We were genuinely surprised by how expensive hotels are in Boston – we’ve seen far better deals in cities like London, New York, or Paris. For this reason, we highly suggest staying in an Airbnb, for the most proverbial bang for your buck.

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