Our Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

Fancy feeling like a Kennedy for the day, or just want to eat some great seafood in a charming town? Then there’s the perfect spot to add to your bucket list. Newport, Rhode Island is the idyllic New England coastal town that I’ve been dreaming of, complete with sailing, and a lobster roll I’ll be dreaming of for the next year. Today, we’re sharing our top spots to make sure you visit when you’re in Newport.


-Flos Clam Shack

This place is adorable, cheap, and has great seafood that you can eat while looking at the ocean. In other words, it ticks off all my boxes for a place that I love.

-Drinks at Castle Hill Inn

If you want to feel like Jay Gatsby, this is the place to go. Grab a cocktail and head onto the lawn to enjoy the beautiful view.

-The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar

I’m still dreaming of this lobster roll. This is the perfect spot for a fancy date, but they’ll let you in if you’re more casual as well.


I was super surprised by the quality and originality of the flavors this tiny ice cream spot had. It’s a great treat for vacation.


-Bowen’s Wharf

This is the cutest little shopping village (and they have the KJP flagship store!). We spent a couple of hours just wandering around here.

-Cliff Walk

This is basically exactly what it sounds like – it’s a beautiful walk along a cliff and the ocean, where you can see all the bazillion dollar houses you can’t afford.

-Sailing on the Madeline

We had a great afternoon sailing on this vintage boat. It’s a beautiful way to see the sights of Newport.