Our Favorite Things: Hair Products

In a perfect world, I would have been born with perfect hair – like Blake Lively, all six seasons of Gossip Girl. I also would have been born with a trust fund, and access to a private jet. None of these things are a reality though. My natural hair is REALLY difficult to handle. That might not be the ‘cool-girl-instagrammer’ thing to say, but I’ve never really been a ‘cool-girl-instagrammer’. Today, I’m talking about my favorite hair products, that have literally transformed my hair, and made it SO much easier to handle.

Cinderella Hair Extensions

I’ve worn extensions for over a year, and I love them. They’re my absolute favorite hair product. My hair is naturally super fine, and doesn’t have a lot of body, and is impossible to grow long. I use Cinderella tape in hair extensions – they’re naturally wavy, so I don’t have to curl my hair anymore, and look completely natural. It makes my life easier – saves me so much time everyday, and they last six-eight weeks.

DryBar Dry Shampoo

I live by dry shampoo. I seriously use it every single day – I try to only wash my hair a couple of times a week, and dry shampoo is my best friend. I love this stuff so much.

Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Repair

I throw this serum on my ends whenever they’re feeling fried. It’s seriously a miracle worker – like you can see your split ends disappear overnight.

Travel Hair Dryer

With how much I travel, I need a high powered dryer (with the extensions, I have a lot of hair!), that still is easy to pack. I use this one.


These are the hair products I can’t live without. I love them – they’re products I know I’m gonna use for the rest of my life (or as long as they continue being made!), and I feel 100% confident endorsing them.