Must Eat Foods at Disney California Adventure

If you have spent any time on our blog, you already know that David and I love Disney Parks and food more than most everything else (including our Netflix binges). We know for many first time Disney Park guests, however, the dining options at Disney Parks can be overwhelming. So, kind people that we are, we’ve decided to help narrow down all your options, and make your dining experience a little easier. Today, we start our eating journey in California Adventure, with our top five must eat foods.


1. Lobster Nachos and a Mickey’s Fun Wheel at the Cove Bar

So this is more of a meal combination than an individual item, but trust me, you will thank us later. The Cove Bar is on Paradise Pier, and doesn’t take reservations. It is also not the undiscovered secret it used to be, and lines get long if you don’t go early in the day. The lobster nachos we speak of are traditional nachos piled high with fresh lobster and a chipotle cream sauce. Find a buddy to share these with, and enjoy the view of the boardwalk. If you are of drinking age, order a Mickey’s Fun Wheel off the secret drink menu; it’s essentially a Long Island Iced Tea with Raspberry Whip Cream on top and two lemon wheels that make it look like Mickey’s ears.


2. Corn Dog at Corn Dog Castle

If you think that all corn dogs are created equally, you are wrong. The master race of corn dogs has been created, and they all reside at Disneyland and California Adventure. Try it once, and you too will be preaching the gospel of the Disneyland Resort corn dog.


3. BBQ at Flo’s V8 Cafe

Flo’s V8 Cafe is looking to change the reputation of quick service theme park food. Not only is the meat tender and the sides fresh, but the atmosphere and view are impeccable. Stop here for lunch for a great experience and fantastic meal.


4. Fried Biscuits at The Carthay Circle

THESE BISCUITS ARE MANNA FROM HEAVEN. The chef stuffs them with white cheddar, jalepeno, and bacon and serves them with apricot butter. You could share them with a friend, but it might be the end of your friendship.


5. Chocolate Mouse Cake at The Carthay Circle

We’re back at The Carthay Circle again – but this restaurant is amazing, so who can blame us? This chocolate mouse cake with strawberry croutons seriously ups the theme park dessert game.


We love Disney California Adventure. It’s not only a fantastic park with intricate theming, but also boasts an impressive deck of attractions. Add these delicious dining choices, and you’ve set yourself for one great experience. We hope our list helps narrow down your choices while you’re there!