A Guide To Thanksgiving At Walt Disney World

Spending Turkey Day with the Big Cheese? When you start planning your trip, prepare to be bombarded with people telling you that it’s a terrible time of year to visit – they’ll say that the crowds are insane, that children run amuck, and you’re likely to get stampeded by people trying to get to attractions Lion King death style. We aren’t going to lie to you – children are out of school, people have off of work, and it is a busy time of year. It’s not the nightmare that people make it out to be though. We love visiting during Thanksgiving week. David doesn’t have to take as much time off of work, the Christmas decor is already up, and you don’t have to cook a multi-course Thanksgiving dinner for extended family. Today, we’re breaking down what to expect while spending Thanksgiving break at Walt Disney World, so you can get a better grasp on planning your trip.

Yes, it’s crowded. I’m not going to lie to you. David and I have always been in the minority opinion that the parks being crowded is not a reason to not go. If you’re armed with FastPass+ reservations, a plan, and the willingness to get there early, and stay late – you’ll be fine.


Many restaurants have a special menu for Thanksgiving Day, for people that can’t get into the Holiday Spirit without partaking in Turkey with all the trimmings. Some of our favorite restaurants for a Thanksgiving dinner reservation are the cozy Le Cellier, or Yachtsman Steakhouse, or a fancy family dinner at The California Grill. Many people recommend The Liberty Tree Tavern for Thanksgiving, but we have never been fans of this particular restaurant.

Thanksgiving is a great time to visit the parks, for one simple reason – CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. My inner Buddy The Elf is thrilled with the thought of being able to spend my second favorite Holiday, celebrating my first favorite Holiday.

DSC_4892DSC_5011DSC_5171 DSC_6128DSC_6112Resorts:
It won’t be easy to find a great deal during Thanksgiving, when most everything is going to be at high prices. Our top resort pick for Thanksgiving is the Wilderness Lodge, for its rustic atmosphere, and cozy environment.

DSC_0311DSC_5526DSC_5394We think that Thanksgiving is a great time to visit Walt Disney World. It’s so much fun to visit the parks when they’re dressed for the holidays, and we love escaping the hassle of hosting a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

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