Disney Restaurants That Offer The Best Value

Not doing the Disney Dining Plan? It’s okay – we don’t always buy one either. What we do always do is look for the best value for our money. I am a bargain hunter – I love sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday – the works. If there is a 50% of sale within 50 square miles, I’ll be there. I enjoy quality (my designer clothes in my closet speaks to this), but I also enjoy getting the most for my money. Certain Disney restaurants offer more bang for your buck (so to speak), so you can stretch your hard earned vacation dollars further, and have more money to spend on Dole Whip, and custom Disney Merch (because those are the things in life that really matter, right?). Today, we’re making a list of the restaurants you should be eating at while enjoying the most magical place on earth, if you’re looking for the best value.

1. The Kona Cafe, The Polynesian Village Resort
The Kona Cafe is heralded on the internet as the hidden gem of Walt Disney World (and for good reason). It’s the best breakfast place on property (you aren’t really living until you try the macadamia nut, pineapple pancakes), and dinner offers a variety of sushi rolls and affordable, delicious entrees. To top it off, it’s usually easy to grab a reservation, and they have the BEST bread service on property.

DSC_0168DSC_0161DSC_01602. The Grand Floridian Cafe, The Grand Floridian Resort
We love this restaurant for a it’s great Lobster Burger, and it’s amazing steaks at affordable prices. Honestly, we just like any chance we have to go to The Grand Floridian, and feel fancy, at this beautiful Victorian style hotel. The portions here are large enough to share, and this airy, beautiful restaurant always has great service.

DSC_00313. Le Chefs De France, Epcot
Chefs De France continues to be our favorite Epcot restaurant if we’re looking for a bargain – and mainly because they offer so many appetizers that can be turned into meals. Their soups and flatbreads are some of the most delicious things on the menu, and they’re very generous in size. Combining that, with baguette, and a glass of french red wine, and you have an affordable french meal, in a romantic atmosphere.

DSC_0115DSC_0113DSC_61524. The Captain’s Grill, The Yacht Club
This is one of our favorite places to for for brunch at Walt Disney World. Most people know them for their buffet, but the food they offer a la carte is even better (some of the best and most affordable at Disney, in our opinion). We always like to go at Christmas, when the Yacht Club feels extra festive, and chocolate waffles shaped like Mickey’s face just hit the spot.

DSC_0083DSC_00935. Beaches and Cream, The Beach Club
Beaches and Cream is an old fashioned soda shop at The Beach Club. Though they’re famed for their ice cream, especially The Kitchen Sink (which you need about five other people to help you eat), the burgers and sandwiches are really great, and affordably priced as well.

DSC_5513DSC_00806. Via Napoli, Epcot
This is one of the easiest places in Disney World to eat affordably. The pizzas are affordably priced, easy to share, and Italy is a great pavilion to enjoy a romantic ambiance.

20160626-LJP_660720160626-LJP_660020160626-LJP_65977. The Sci-Fi Dine In, Hollywood Studios
We recommend this restaurant a lot, for several reasons. For starters, the ambiance is impeccable. Seriously, what’s going to make you feel more like a sock-hopping extra in Grease than eating in a 1950s car at a replica drive-in movie? Also, the food is incredibly reasonably priced, at only a few dollars more for a really great burger, than at a quick service restaurant. Try it out – you won’t regret it.

DSC_0632You can enjoy a great table service meal at Walt Disney World without breaking the bank – we know it’s possible because we do it all the time! We think you deserve to get the most for your money on your Disney vacation – we hope our list helps you do that a little better.