A Guide to Disney Springs

Guys – I think we say this a lot, but we LOVE Disney Springs. We think it’s the best re-do of any part of Disney World in forever. We’ve gone from essentially viewing Downtown Disney as a pit-stop for a Holiday Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich, to a must-hit stop on everything trip, where we spend a ton of time. Today, we’re putting together a guide to Disney Springs (aka our favorite place), so you can get the most out of this incredible place.


I always say if we lived in Florida, I would only shop at Disney Springs. They have a Francescas, they have an Anthropologie, they have a Zara. Seriously – do you really need to shop anywhere else? It’s a clothing mecca. You can do ALL your shopping here (at least all your shopping that matters).


Head to Splitsville for some luxury bowling (and great food), or go see the newest Disney Movie at the AMC Dine-In movie. There’s concerts on The Marketplace Stage, and live music at Raglan Road. If you feel like shelling out the big bucks, you can take a ride in an ‘aqua-car’, over at The Boathouse.

Fast Casual Food

Disney Quick Service is evolving into ‘Fast Casual Food’ – which is basically quick service restaurants with low price points, but great ambiance, awesome food, and alcohol. You order at a counter (like at a quick service restaurant), so you don’t have a server. Disney Springs has a large selection of ‘Fast Casual’ options, and they’re all great. Grab burger at D-Luxe, build your own pizza at Blaze, or BBQ at The Polite Pig.

Sit Down Dining

Restaurants are popping up like gangbusters at Disney Springs. You won’t be short on options when looking for a place to dine. Some of our favorites are Morimoto Asia, for some of the best Asian Fusion and Sushi you’ll find, Homecoming for Florida style Southern cooking, and Jock Lindseys, for drinks and appetizers in an awesome themed setting.

Date Night Approved

When we’re feeling fancy, and want to get out for a date night, Disney Springs is our choice. We love Paddlefish, which used to be Fulton’s Crab House, before receiving a top-model makeover. The food is good, and the ambiance is even better. We also love The Boathouse – the atmosphere is relaxed, but romantic, and the food and drinks are incredible.


We wouldn’t eat at The Rainforest Cafe, or T-REX, unless we were promised a year supply of Mickey Ice Cream, hand delivered by the mouse himself. Why? Because we don’t like overpriced food, that doesn’t taste great, in gaudy atmospheres. But that’s just us. In general, the entire older part of Disney Springs (aka Downtown Disney), isn’t our favorite – we like World of Disney, and Earl of Sandwich, but the rest is pretty miss-able.


One of the main draws of Disney Springs, is the incredible job they did in the ambiance when they finished the re-do. The springs themselves, are everything I love about Disney imagineering – they’re shimmering, blue, magical waters that look exactly how you imagine a town built around a natural Florida springs would look like.

We hope our guide helps you enjoy all the time (and we know that you’re going to spend a ton of time) at Disney Springs.