My Favorite Beauty Products of 2017

The year is over, which means I get to give out awards that nobody cares about except me. Like my own version of the Oscars, except for beauty products, and the winners get nothing, except my return business. There have been some new products that I’ve found this year though, that I love, and wouldn’t give up if you fought me over it. They’re as essential to my life, as Porgs are to the new Star Wars movie. So I’m giving out the ‘Laura’ award to these products.

-Clinique Take The Day Off
I hate hate hate an oily, liquidy makeup remover. This is a lotion, that takes off everything, including waterproof mascara. It also leaves your skin SUPER moisturized. I’m a fan for life.

-Cinderella Tape In Extensions
I’ve shared my love affair with extensions on here many times before, but this year, I made the switch to a different brand. Cinderella Tape Ins are fantastic – they’re non-damaging, last a couple of months, and are naturally wavy. They make my daily hair routine SO easy.

-Glossier Boy Brow
Even if I wear no other makeup, I’m gonna put on Boy Brow. It grooms and highlights your brows, and pulls your whole face together.

-Glossier Cloud Paint
This truly is revolutionary blush. It’s a cross between a liquid and a cream, and inspired by the colors of a New York sunset. I blend two colors, and then use the bronze one as an eye shadow, and the pink for a lip stain. It’s such a versatile item for your makeup bag.

-Clinique Complete Make Up
I love a low maintenance foundation – it needs to have sunscreen, last all day, not be too heavy, and be good for my skin. This is the only foundation I’ve found that checks all those items off my list.

-Lush Dry Shampoo
I love dry shampoo because I hate washing my hair. Lush has the best one I’ve found for extending my wash.

-Lush Cup of Coffee Face Mask
I’m in my late 20s, so I’m really trying to take better care of my skin. This face mask smells great (like coffee), exfoliates, tightens, and does a song and dance. Well maybe not the last thing – but it does everything else.

I know you’ll love these products too – give them a shot, and if you hate them, you can blame me.