Disneyland Hotels at Christmastime

There are very few things in life that I love more than Disney hotels at Christmas. With the exception of Gilmore Girls, celebrity gossip, coffee, and the whole city of New York, I really can’t think of anything. Disney hotels are fantastic to begin with – brimming with atmosphere, grand lobbies, and theming – so it goes to reason that they would be even BETTER at Christmas time. Today, we’re talking about what you’ll find at the different Disneyland Resorts this Holiday season.

Paradise Pier:
If you’re going to skip one Disneyland Hotel during the Holidays, it should be Paradise Pier. Paradise Pier is somewhat of the black sheep of the otherwise phenomenal Disneyland hotels, being a bit light on theming, and decoration. The only real decor is a beach and ocean themed tree, and some garlands, which are pretty, but somewhat skippable.

The Disneyland Hotel:
The Disneyland Hotel has great decor, embracing a mid-century modern themed Christmas. Make sure to spend some time exploring the different nooks and crannies, where you’ll find different trees, as well as a whole living room set-up with milk and cookies. Make sure to check out the gingerbread house in the main lobby as well as Trader Sams decked out for Christmas.

The Grand Californian:
The Grand Californian is the creme de la creme of Disneyland Resort decor. Try to enter the resort through the main entrance, so that you get the chance to walk through the path of lighted trees, and see the arts and crafts inspired decor near the entrance sign. Inside the grand lobby is a towering tree (which is one of our favorites in all Disney lobbies!), and a gingerbread house that’s a replica of The Grand Californian. We love the stand in the lobby that sells adult hot beverages, to take over to the roaring fireplace.

We think that a self-guided tour of the Disneyland Hotels at Christmas is a fantastic way to spend an arrival or departure day for your trip to Disneyland. Pair it with dinner at at one of the resorts fantastic restaurants, and you’ll have a Disney day you’ll never forget.