Disney Cruise Line’s Palo Review

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this blog, you know that we love good food. That’s probably why we both feel like we’re going to die while we’ve been on a cleanse this past month Is life without wine and carbs really life? You know what place DOES have wine and carbs though? Palo, on Disney’s Cruise Ships.

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Palo is a fine dining restaurant on all of the Disney Cruise Ships – it’s an extra cost (meaning it’s not included in your ship fare, or part of your rotational dining). Now I know what you might be thinking – ‘Laura – why would I pay extra when I could load up my plate at the buffet downstairs as many times as I want for free?!’. Well, Palo is $30 a person, and on par with The California Grill, or Le Cellier – and you’re getting appetizer, entree, and dessert (or several from each category!). When you put it in that perspective, Palo is almost a steal if you enjoy fine dining.

Palo is named after the poles that gondoliers use in Venice, and has beautiful windows that overlook the ocean. It’s an especially beautiful view when you’re docked at a port with beach views. The decor is Italian inspired, with deep reds, yellows, plush seating, and paintings of Italy.

The menu is a mixture of food that everyone will be comfortable with, and food that you will find in the heart of Italy. You’ll find everything from gnocchi, to risotto, to filet, to antipasta. Make sure to end your evening with Palo’s signature dessert – the chocolate souffle.

We think that Palo shouldn’t be missed. And it’s our blog, so we take our opinion pretty highly around here.