Things To Know About Dining On A Disney Cruise

Who loves eating more than us?! Like anyone?! No, I didn’t think so. We might not be overly talented at a lot, but we’re gold medal eaters. We put our skills and talents to good use on our last Disney Cruise, so that we could bring you all the tips and tricks you need to know about dining on your next Disney Cruise.

-Order The Drink Of The Day
Want the booze without the hefty price tag? Order whatever the drink of the day is for a reduced price tag.

-Get You Some Soft Serve
GUYS – UNLIMITED SOFT SERVE. Fill out cone as high as you can, as many times as you can, because you can.

You can get Mickey Ice Cream bars served to your room on a silver platter. No, this isn’t a drill.

-Have It Delivered
Room service is complimentary – just don’t forget to tip. So if you have a hankering for milk and cookies at midnight, TREAT YO SELF.

-Go All You Can Eat
Whether it’s two entrees at dinner, or loading up at the buffet, everything is all you can eat.

-Bring It In Your Bag
Pack the booze in your bag and save some money. You can pack two bottles of wine, or a six pack of beer in your carry on.

-Skip The Extras
Don’t waste your money buying candy or popcorn in front of the theaters. Grab something free on the pool deck instead, and save your cash.

-Hit The Bars
Guys – the bars on the Disney Ship are incredibly themed, and have great drinks. It would be a shame to skip all the adult fun that’s to be had.

What’s better than a Mickey cappuccino? Nothing. Literally nothing is better. Head to the boats specialty coffee bar for your java fix, because nobody has a good start to their day when they’re drinking Joffrey’s.

-Don’t Skip Palo
Palo is an incredible experience, both in terms of food, ambiance, and service, and should not be missed.
We hope you enjoy your eating even more than you already would (as if that’s even possible), thanks to our tips.