Walt Disney World’s The Wave Review

The Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World have some of the best dining on property. I’ve long heralded the merits of places like The Kona Cafe, and The Grand Floridian Cafe. Today, we’re here to talk about another such gem, and what might be one of our new favorite lunch spots at Disney. Recently, we stopped at The Wave, at The Contemporary Resort (Disney’s best smelling resort, in our humble opinion).

The Wave has modern vibes, which makes sense given it’s location. Upon being seated, our server let us know that The Wave was one of the healthiest restaurants on property, and they don’t even have a fryer (which at Disney, is a crazy concept). While there, I tried part of a chicken sandwich, a Caesar salad, and a reuben, and they were all fantastic.

With prices only slightly higher than those of a quick service restaurant, a much more relaxing atmosphere, and much better food, we highly recommend The Wave. Plus, it’s incredibly underrated, so it’s ALWAYS easy to grab a reservation, or walk up.