Our Favorite Disney Moments in 2017

I always like, at the end of the year, to look back at some of my favorite memories of the previous year. For us, a year means a lot of wonderful time at Disney locations (it’s work, I promise!), taking photos, and laughing with friends. There’s nothing I love more than having a life filled with memories instead of things – and this year has been filled with some of my favorite memories. We’re sharing our favorites (in chronological order!), so you can partake in some of the fun!

-Counting down to midnight from 2016-to 2017

We’ve shared before how New Years Eve is our favorite time to be in the parks – we had a blast in Epcot last year, dancing the night away waiting for 2017 to start.

-Seeing the first Festival of The Arts

It was so exciting to be at Epcot for the first ever Festival of the Arts. I loved it, and am so excited to see how they expand the festival even more in coming years.

-Going to the first weekend of Flower and Garden Festival

Flower and Garden is my FAVORITE time of year to be at Epcot (yes, I like it more than Food and Wine!), and I always love being there for the first weekend.

-Seeing Pandora for the first time during our AP preview

Pandora has been so long in the making, and had so many skeptics (us included!). Being there for an AP preview, while the area was relatively empty, was truly a highlight of our year.

-Spending two days at Castaway Cay

One day at Castaway Cay is magical, but getting to spend TWO days back to back there, is heaven. Castaway might be my favorite place in the world – it’s Disney magic, combined with the magic of nature, and it’s so great.

-Going to Disney for the 4th of July with friends

We like all holidays at WDW, and if you can’t be Taylor Swift in the Hamptons during the 4th of July, you might as well be at Disney for the amazing fireworks.

-Disney Bounding at Mickey’s Not So Scary

I love a good Not So Scary Party, and I love it even more when I get to dress up as Minnie Mouse.

-Spending Thanksgiving at Disneyland Paris

Avoiding family talks about politics AND getting to see Disney’s prettiest castle? I call that a win-win.

We can’t wait for 2018 – we have so many fun things planned, and are so excited for what’s in store.