Close To My Heart Disney Scrap-booking

We have so many photos from our trips to Disney – like SO MANY. I feel like I never know what to do with all of them – we use them for the blog, and then they sit on our computer, unseen, for years. We were so excited when ‘Close To My Heart’ reached out to us, to use their Disney themed scrapbook, to put some of our memories in an actual book, that we could hold, and look at.

Close To My Heart sells tons of different scrapbooking kits, stamps, and paper products. My favorite part about creating my scrapbook was how easy the process was (and I’m not a particularly crafty person). When I was finished, I was left with a memento of our Disney trips that I know I’ll keep forever.

My favorite part of the Disney Parks, are that they create an atmosphere for creating some of your favorite memories, with the people you love the most. I think that having a physical photo album, showcasing some of my favorite memories, is a great way to make the magic last longer, and hold onto the things that matter in life.

You can check out the ‘More Magical’ workshop kit here, so you can get to work creating your own Disney scrapbook. This scrapbook kit is only available until the end of September, and then it’s gone forever!